Practice management Software – Benefits for physicians

Practice Management Software (PMS) can be a powerful tool for physicians since it can optimize administrative and financial activities in order to directly increase revenue and save time. A flexible and efficient PMS allows billers and coders to view Remittance Advice Reports and Claim Payment Reports in addition to interpreting Electronic Remittance Advice from the government and insurance companies. This advice helps in making payments quicker by accelerating the billing process.

Faster reimbursement

Practice management software ensures faster remittance by speeding up the flow of information and eliminating the requirement of paper based records. This makes it easier for billers and coders to perform multiple tasks such as offer physicians various reports, account billing by day or by month, classify accounts receivables in day wise buckets, and insurance and patient collectibles statements.

Low cost

It is apparent that these various functions if performed by assistants, secretaries, accountants, or an IT staff. The cost effectiveness of the software and various free value added services make it ideal for keeping pace with the reforms in the healthcare IT sector.

Advanced features

An EMR Integrated with the PMS is an advanced practice management solution to streamline processes such as accounts receivables and insurance and patient collectibles along with other functions such as appointment scheduling, verifying insurance information online, capturing patient demographics, tracking patient progress (by physician) and building performance reports. This solution can bring the entire practice on the same platform, bringing the practice owner in control.

Quick and easy updating

Many software companies update the ICD and CPT codes on a regular basis and this helps in increasing the scope to cover critical areas such as family practice and ambulatory care. It also helps medical billers and coders in eliminating errors by avoiding the use of old redundant coding books.

Supports all practice sizes

An average web based PMS requires merely a personal computer and an internet connection to work efficiently. This makes it easy for small to medium sized businesses to perform practice management tasks without investing unjustified time, labor and money in the process of setting up the Practice Management Software.

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