Physicians across all 50 US States now have access to the ‘Best Billing Practices’ guide with brings to physicians across all 50 states the ‘Best Billing Practices’ guide for all their medical billing needs amidst the changing healthcare landscape. MBC to help healthcare providers has come up with this guide to let physicians decide which area of their practice needs the most attention, giving them a sense of control as they obtain feasible and cost effective solutions for these areas.

Download Now : Best Billing Practices  Guide

MBC offers the ‘Best Billing Practices’ guide to physicians

According to the American Medical Association, there are a large number of non-standardized practices in medical billing; and with this innovative billing tool, we are striving to help counteract this trend:

MBC’s Best Billing Practices offers solutions to counteract top 12 problems which mar the collections of most practices:

  1.  Accounts Manager: “Who in my office is in charge of my billing?”
  2. Credentialing:  “To do or not to do? – Adds new patients and new administration tasks!”
  3. Clearing House: Is there a Specialist in my office who can overlook this process?
  4. Cost of Hardware & Maintenance: “IT has become indispensible in healthcare set ups”
  5. Accounts Receivables: Can you assign individuals to solely concentrate on AR?
  6. Handling a varied payer mix: “Do you have time to negotiate with all these payers?”
  7. Coding becoming tougher: “If you thought there are a lot of codes that a practice needs to deal with till date, then think again. “
  8. Financial Leakage: “If your clinic is undergoing financial leakages chances are that nobody is willing to tell you about it till the end of the year.”
  9. Pre visits: “Authorizations and pre-visits result in fewer reimbursement claims turned down.”
  10. Staff related issues: “In-house staff issues need to be looked into regularly.”
  11. Administration tasks: “Is your staff constantly trying to balance the administration functions with the billing functions?”
  12. Compliance & Regulation: “Keeping up with the various compliance and regulations amidst healthcare reforms. “

The Best Billing Practice guide to help you understand what is needed to achieve – A State-of-the-Art Billing Department:

MBC’s best billing practice guide step by step addresses clinic’s day to day problems where Doctor’s medical billing is changing every day- as payers make new regulations or change their claims negotiation procedures. Staffing or technology problems occur, errors go undetected and billing managers struggle to manage their daily workload, with most locked in a pattern of immediate solution but not focusing on effective management of the total operations.

MBC’s best billing guide attempts to make it easier for physicians in reaching a permanent and effective management solution to this problem – Through a question answer format MBC takes the physician through each of the 12 issues mentioned above, hence giving a clear perspective to the physician whether it is practicable and easier for him to streamline that part of his medical billing- by balancing their daily workload, issues and revenue amidst new regulations by choosing viable options. 

With more and more physicians looking for affordable options to manage their medical billing, MBC’s billing and coding professionals are charged up for the change to make physicians billing services affordable and this guide is one of the steps being taken towards this endeavor.




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