Medicalbillersandcoders.Com – The Winning Formula in These Times of Physicians Shortage

According to the latest data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an acute shortage of physicians across United States; at least 26 states and 17 medical specialties have reported this fact.
The Association of American Medical Colleges has estimated that in the next decade, nearly one third of the existing physicians will retire from active service, the American population will increase by 25 million, 32 million patients will be covered by insurance, and 37 million retirees will need additional healthcare services from the physicians. 
How is this drastic shortage of physicians to be catered?
The answer lies in helping physicians to improve their efficiency so that they can attend to the needs of more patients. On an average an American physician spends 10.23% of his time in administrative jobs, either supervising or actively participating in the administrative process. They also spend as much as 14% of their revenue in an effort to get paid promptly and for the contracted amount. Physicians need to look for experts to handle their administrative work so that they can focus more on their core profession of treating patients. has been following this problem of shortage of physicians’ for some time now and is actively working to cater physicians’ needs of optimizing operations and enabling them to focus on providing healthcare services to more and more patients. 
Ithelps physicians save time in the recruitment of in-house billers and coders. Physicians can log-on to the website, fill out a form and are able to recruit medical billers for their in-house needs within 2 to 3 days at no cost. Billers from customize their work flow to suit the physician’s needs. Training of staff is almost negligible as billers and coders  are well-trained on various software and are certified on medical billing processes.
Efficiency of the clinics  has been the highest as the clinic is equipped with efficient, trained, local billers who are experts in their own specialties. 

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