Medicalbillersandcoders save thousands of dollars for Michigan physicians

Michigan is one of the very high ranking states in terms of doctor to patient ratio, accounting for its enviable healthcare provider status; it is 8th in terms of the number of hospitals in the US and among the top 15 in terms of the number of physicians per 10,000 people. Being one of the most populated states of the US and with more than 10% of its employed population in healthcare sector, Michigan has a large physician population which inevitably requires a pool of competent healthcare assistance in terms of medical billing, coding, and other affiliated administrative processes.

Medicalbillersandcoders have been effectively providing well-qualified and experienced medical billing and coding support to share the burden of healthcare providers for more than 32 specialties in almost all the major cities of Michigan such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Flint and many more. With constantly up graded knowledge base and skills, and exposure to a wide variety of healthcare providers and latest regulations, MBC billers are a useful and reliable support base for the Michigan healthcare providers.

The importance of efficient billing and administrative professional support to share the burden of physicians was reiterated by a 2010 MDCH (Michigan Department of Community Health) survey of physicians, where 34.8% physicians cited increasing administrative and regulatory burden while 24.3% physicians cited inadequate reimbursement for services as factors contributing to decisions to retire or reduce patient care hours.

These reasons indicate that complying with the latest rules and regulations in the dynamically changing healthcare scenario requires aggressive and pre-emptive efforts from the physicians and their staff which takes its toll on their essential core competencies of patient care, research, and teaching. In fact, the routine processes involved in medical billing and other RCM functions are inevitably intricate requiring specialized skills and are better outsourced to expert professionals for optimum realization.       

Chicago Medical BillingLos Angeles Medical Billing and San Diego Medical Billing

Keeping in with this context, MBC have expanded their RCM and consultancy services across big cities such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights and Flint as also in smaller cities and towns in Michigan. MBC offers comprehensive and customized solutions for optimizing your revenue cycle management as well incorporating the latest innovations in healthcare technology, regulations and compliances; it also focuses on actively motivating the physician’s team to adopt these changes by underlining their relevance and scope in effective patient healthcare and improved revenue cycle management.

“The sweeping changes experienced by the US healthcare industry require considerable investment in terms of finance, resources, as well as training by healthcare providers if they are to be translated meaningfully in to their routine processes and operations”, says the President,, “however, outsourcing the management of these changes to experts such as MBC can significantly ease the process of transition as well as implementation of these upgrades.”



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