Medical Billers and Coders Offers 35 Weeks of ICD-10 Training Updates for Billers & Coders Across 50 US States


Medical Billers and Coders consistently updating themselves on industry requirements, is gearing up for ICD-10 and is launching an 87 week journey towards ICD-10 orientation today. Being more than two years since the final rule was released and at the mid-point for ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation, cautions all Medical Billing and Coding Professionals especially those who haven’t, to start planning for the transition right away!

The 1st step in a long journey being the most important, invites all Medical Billers and Coders to take the first step in the initial 35 week journey – when updates and training material will be shared to help  them evolve with the US healthcare industry.  

For ICD 10 orientation, countdown begins 1st of March 2012 and ends 13thof October 2013- in this 87 week program in the first 35 weeks will share updates and build base for the latest coding updates, while in the remaining 52 weeks will comprise of actual training. In the scenario where The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stands firm on the ICD-10 compliance date of 1st October 2013, stating there will be no delays or grace period, and post this date providers claims only in ICD-10 format will be paid, urges all related healthcare professionals to get ready to ensure smooth flow of revenue and avoid reimbursement issues. boosts billers and coders to face the humungous ICD-10 challenge

Preparation for ICD-10 brings huge and exciting challenges to the healthcare industry along with benefits in the form of improvement of the capture of healthcare information. However in anticipation of the changes it can bring about in medical billing practices, likely to cause considerable slowdowns in billing and payment and the upheaval it can create if not implemented the right way, encourages all medical billers and coders to be ready for this challenge.

ICD-10 & challenges:

  • ICD-10 has 10 times the number of codes compared to ICD 9CM – Coders knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as medical terminology will require to be more detailed
  • Coders will need to work more closely with doctors to update them on proper coding methods
  • More codes to choose from may eliminate use of super bills – a means of quick coding diagnoses
  • Providers may need to invest in new software designed to accept the longer digit codes
  • Physicians will need to be more specific in their documentation and code observations as ICD-10 codes include more payment limitations for services
  • Case managers will need to increase patient education on coverage charges is gearing up for this change already and wants to contribute in propelling the concerned professionals to meet these challenges keeping in mind industry standards and ICD-10 deadline of 13th October 2013. The expert panel of advisors at is striving through the ICD training program to help all billing and coding professionals on any training or information they may need to gear up for this change.

Brief insight into what MBC’s ICD-10 training program is offering to counteract ICD-10 challenges:

  • Tips for a smooth transition from ICD 9 to ICD 10
  • Problem solving webinars
  • Weekly updates of ICD implementation
  • FAQ documents of ICD 10
  • Coding Practices forum with other experts and participants

This training program also offers subscribers to share their views participate in polls and associate with industry experts and contribute to ICD-10 in their own way at no cost.

As physicians are undergoing healthcare revolution, we as Billing & Coding professionals will need to go through a learning evolution to streamline practices. billing and coding professionals are charged up for the change and to further this trend is offering a platform to a career revamp ensuring transition to ICD-10 with confidence. All Medical billers and coders are invited to be a part of this endeavor along with at no cost from the 1st of March.


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