MBC Guides Family Medicine Practitioners to Effectively Tackle the ACA Impact

With the Family Physicians revenue cycle management in a state of transition due to the upcoming Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicalbillersandcoders.com has witnessed a large demand from Family Medicine practice centers across US keen on outsourcing their billing functions to MBC in order to enhance their RCM.

The ACO impact on Family practice billing and coding  

The impact Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) will have on these practices explains the reason behind increased number of Family practices currently rushing to MBC for their billing solutions.

Though the ACO environment may benefit these practices by promoting primary care hence making it accessible and improving provider reimbursements; it also brings with it many changes as it prompts federal and commercial payers to change the way they make payments. The challenge it provides to Family Practice billing and coding is that they would require transitioning their reimbursement models from volume-based to value-based to a higher number of patients with little time left for billing.

MBC’s billing and coding experts believe that “Family Physicians within the next five years; will need to adopt the new revenue reimbursement models as a result of ACA. Though this may seem simple enough, practitioners will need to work much harder to maximize their revenues.”

Identifying resulting revenue transition challenges

MBC understands that in the ACO environment accurate medical coding and billing is vital to maximizing revenue, being aware of the resulting issues they face with this transition, –

  • Lack of knowledge – Most Family Practices from a recent survey understand the value of population health management, but are at a loss on how put these strategies into practice
  • Increased administrative burden, cost and time –practices need to prepare and gear up for short-term disruption of patient care and resulting administrative activities, to procure maximized eventual longer term benefits of improved patient experience and reduced costs
  • Lack of management– Though an avenue for practices to successfully move forward most practices lack guidance and support in this area; to help them  acquire maximum benefits

How MBC has been guiding Family Medicine Practitioners?

Medicalbillerandcoders.com is aware that improved Family Practice revenue cycle management requires in-depth, insider industry expertise of the new coding, billing and compliance regulations. MBC specialists continuously correlate higher practice revenue to timely billing and account reimbursements, offering best billing strategies, models and consultancy and providing guidance in areas like population health management.

MBC’s certified coders and billers understand that correct procedures are essential for revenue maximization. By providing accurate, quality control and legal compliance, MBC has successfully undertaken Family Practice revenue cycle management coding for larger groups as well.

Family Medicine Practitioners maximize their revenue with MBC as-

  • Billing experts manage to stay updated about rules, edits, coding regulations and documentation requirements unique to the Practice’s revenue cycle management; providing the required knowledge and guidance to implement the best strategies
  • Family practice billing specialist with the right expertise can handle the complexities presented during billing and correct usage of modifiers, helping reduce costs significantly


As smooth processes and efficient technology support Family Practice centers to effectively reach out to a higher number of patients, it also increases their chances of increased revenue. Healthcare specialists across all 50 US States ( Arkansas Medical BillingCalifornia Medical BillingFlorida Medical BillingGeorgia Medical Billing,New Jersey Medical Billing ) considering streamlining their RCM process are engaging themselves with MBC to utilize revenue management & consultancy services.


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