Specifics Of OB GYN Billing For Practices Across United States

ncreasing number of OBGYN providers across US are streamlining their medical billing processes successfully with Medicalbillersandcoders.com. On-going success with these practices has made it possible for MBC experts to focus and acquire an in-depth understanding of OBGYN billing.

Understanding the Intricacies related to OBGYN billing…

Obstetricians specialize in pregnancy, labor and postpartum; while gynecologists specialize in treatments related to the female reproductive system. OBGYN practices comprise of both obstetricians and gynecologists, hence providing great value to the patients, but also creating unusual billing concerns. MBC experts serving many practices have been able to interpret various intricacies related to the billing like

Broken Global – this is one of the most frequent billing challenges related to OBGYN billing and occurs when a pregnant patient acquires a new payer or switches to another practice during the pregnancy. As every insurance carrier have their own specific policies and procedures, billers need to be well versed with all insurance policies related to broken global

  • Multiple surgeries at one time In this case each surgery needs to be billed separately, and the biller needs to have in-depth knowledge in order to acquire maximum reimbursement
  • Underpayments –for OBGYN billing it is more complicated compared to typical medical billing due to the rules surrounding multi-procedures; hence a proper follow up of underpayments can increase collections by 7 -10%
  • Patient collections – Due to the large patient balances the patient collection process is more complicated for this specialty. The biller requires being knowledgeable with good expertise in order to understand and explain complexity of the procedures/ EOBs to the patients

Additionally billers require having the knowledge and skill to tackle various challenges and complexities, involving – global billing, antepartum and postpartum care billing, complicated surgeries billing, modifier usage, on-going changes to recommended tests and new billing procedures and technologies . Tackling various billing intricacies, such as antepartum billing challenges and so on, has given MBC an opportunity to acquire expertise in the specialty, with a team entirely focused on OBGYN billing.

MBC approach to OBGYN medical billing

MBC team in addition to guiding doctors and their staff through the OBGYN medical billing process handles –

  • Coding – MBC experts are up-dated with new and revised CPT codes, modifier codes and E & M codes for OBGYN billing hence ensuring accurate coding and also offering coding analysis to help replace non-payable or obsolete codes
  • Procedures – well – educated and able to provide billing services for a variety of billing procedures, such as – Endometriosis, Pap Tests, Pregnancy and Pregnancy Complications, etc
  • Follow-Up Services – constantly review revenue cycle management aggressively until the payment is procured; plus regularly striving to achieve clean claim submission the first time

The OBGYN billing team at MBC also provides individualized consultation services upon request, where they analyze and provide recommendation to practices. Overall the MBC approach is unique being a combination of the latest technology and exceptional people to operate it.

Providing a complete solution to OBGYN billingBy utilizing billing tools specially intended for the specialty, the focus at MBC is to lessen the uncertainty surrounding OBGYN billing and help medical practices obtain maximum revenue for the services they provide.


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