Leading the Way for Medium-Size Clinics Revenue Management

  In the aftermath of reforms, as a sizable portion of small to mid-sized healthcare providers in all the states of the US strive to improve their revenue management, Medicalbillersandcoders.com has seen a sudden increase in the number of small and medium sized healthcare providers either outsourcing their financial administrative activities required for compliance and reimbursement purposes to billers and coders or improving their in-house Revenue Management System (RCM) with their help.

MBC has been helping a sizable number of small to mid-sized clinics, who are feeling a greater pinch of the healthcare regulations that are draining their already limited resources – financial and otherwise.

The administrative activities brought about by the reforms that affect the revenue mainly include handling of data (use of correct codes and medical necessity where required) which being intricate in nature exposes the provider to the possibility of errors, leading to claim denials, resulting in not just loss of time which could be better spent on care but also dented profitability, which hurts providers of all sizes but leaves small clinics more paralyzed.

MBC’s Role in this Endeavor

The RCM consulting services offered by MBC is a point in case. Often medium-sized care providers have an in-house revenue management process which, they think, can do better with some amount of up-gradation and streamlining. MBC specialists do thorough study of your in-house revenue management process and helps physicians to plug sources of revenue leakage, minimize data-handling errors by identifying training needs of clinic staff and recommending appropriate software applications.

With MBC’s outsourcing services,  many medium-sized care providers have also been able to optimize their  resource utility by directing internal staff to core healthcare activities, improve their control over operating costs and have seamless claim realization.

However, the services Medicalbillersandcoders.com offers are not just holistic but also varied – particularly so that they can meet the needs of care providers of all sizes, giving them the flexibility to choose what exactly suits their business model in terms of effectiveness and organizational needs and nature.


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